Weekly Pool Maintenance

You will never have to clean, open, or close your pool again.

Our weekly pool maintenance offers the easiest most cost effective way to keep your pool clean and maintenance free all summer long.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

​This package includes:

Pool opening ready to swim package

Test water levels and adjust weekly

Test water balance and adjust weekly (chemicals included)

Clean filters and pumps as needed

Vacuum , brush and skim weekly

Empty skimmer, pump and in-line baskets weekly

Inspect all equipment weekly

Pool Closing Deluxe package ( ready for winter )

 With this service and a properly working system you will never have to clean your pool again!

Our opening / closing services offer the easiest most cost effective way open your pool for the summer or close your pool for the winter.

Pool Opening

Pool is open, ready for you to clean.

This package includes:

Remove and put away cover

Remove all winter plugs and accessories

Install ladders and handrails

Install skimmer baskets

Reassemble all pumps and filters

Inspect equipment

Add shock treatment (chemicals included)

 – Does NOT include chemical balance/vacuum

Pool Closing

Pool is closed and winterized.

This package includes:

Blow out all lines

Install all winter plugs

Remove and put away ladders and handrails

Remove all skimmer baskets and accessories

Clean DE and cartridge filters

Install pool cover

Add shock treatment (chemicals included)

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